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Dental implants have been used successfully for many years.  The implant is a metal anchor, usually made of titanium, that replaces the tooth root. A small post is attached to the implant and a crown is either screwed or cemented to the post.  Implants will usually take three to four months to complete.  The first procedures are completed by an Oral Surgeon. There is now a waiting period to allow the bone to attach to the implant.  After a period of two to three months, the Oral Surgeon uncovers the implant and attaches a healing cap.    
After the Oral Surgeon is finished, our office starts the restorative phase. We take an impression and have the lab fabricate a n attachment and a crown.  This will be either screwed on or permanently cemented.  Implants are very strong and look very natural but must be brushed and flossed the same as your natural tooth. 

They slow the shrinking of bone and gum tissue in the area of the missing tooth. This prevents the look of premature aging.    

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