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Restoring missing teeth is important for function and esthetics.

A removable partial denture is one way of replacing missing teeth. Tooth-colored clasps are being used more.  Generally, partial dentures need to be relined every five years.    
Full dentures usually fit very snug when they were first made. Over the years the supporting bone changes due to the pressures of biting. Because the bone changes, the denture must be relined every few years to keep from moving around when chewing or talking. Sometimes the ridge that the denture rests on becomes loose and moveable. With this condition it is difficult to obtain the fit of the original denture. By having your denture relined every other year, the loose tissue does not have time or space to develop.

Implants can also anchor dentures so that they don't move or drop. These implants have attachments which snap into the denture. This greatly increases the stability and gives you the confidence that your denture won't embarrass you.    

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